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equitable housing

Equitable developments for the lower- and middle-class market in East Africa are limited. At the same time, the demand for housing in this market is vast and rapidly growing. The CheiChei Living project intends to fit into this market by offering equitable and sustainable housing at a high standard and for a competitive price.

Through the use of local resources and craftsmanship the project aims to create sustainable buildings and living concepts which will help to empower local communities. Shared amenities, centralized solutions, and options for shared gardens and nurseries based on permaculture principles are integrated into the design. In addition to the use of the most sustainable building material; timber, all apartments allow for cross ventilation. The window design is not only directed to allow for optimized permanent sun-shading but also to include smart solutions for day-round ventilation and possible integration of air-conditioning units while harvesting its drainage water.

  • PROJECT CheiChei Living
  • LOCATION Fumba Town
  • COUNTRY Zanzibar
  • TYPOLOGY residential & commercial
  • GROSS AREA 30.240 sqm
  • NET AREA 24.720 sqm
  • UNITS 690 apartments & work/shops
  • CONSTRUCTION TYPE hybrid engineered timber
  • STATUS under construction
  • TIMEFRAME 2021 - 2026
  • CLIENT CPS Africa

CheiChei Living

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sustainable community

The CheiChei Living concept revolves around a simple but flexible building volume allowing for a wide range of apartment layouts. The typical module allows for a ‘do it yourself’ loft unit at minimized cost up to a 3-bedroom fully fitted-out corner apartment and everything in between. Through this flexibility multiple living forms for different generations are combined into one community.

The buildings are designed as sustainable four-story hybrid timber structures with concrete cores. The combination of construction techniques allows for local prefabrication and an efficient assembly process. Timber plays a key role in the design and experience of the project. It not only empowers local industry and craftsmanship but also directly relates back to the local cultural background of Zanzibar and East Africa. A well-balanced design making use of different timber technologies allows the project to align optimized performance criteria with increased construction times and high qualities of finishes to an equitable pricing level.

structural composition
cheichei living site plan

Partners & Consultants

  • CLIENT CPS Africa
  • DESIGN Leander Moons
  • ARCHITECTURE studio OMT architects
  • FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY IGNIS & Kasburg Siemon Ing
    Howard Consulting
  • TIMBER SUPPLY Mass Timber Technologies