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The population of the island of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Dar es Salaam, is rapidly increasing. Zanzibar City, with well over half a million inhabitants a densely populated urban fabric around the world heritage historic Stone Town, is reaching its boundaries. Multiple developments around Zanzibar City have been initiated the past decade to support the rapid population growth with the needed living space. From those developments Fumba Town has emerged as the most successful creating a thriving, fast growing community while incorporating sustainability as the corner stone of the development strategy.

Zanzibar's location in the Indian Ocean combined with its tropical climate has created an ideal setting for tourism. This industry has grown rapidly over the past years and its growth has even been accelerated by the recent pandemic. The influx of capital to the island through tourism is key to any development taking place. Therefore, the urban planning strategy for Fumba Town is balanced between foreign and local ownership. High-end projects target foreign investments and allow for vacation rental opportunities. The capital gain from these projects is invested into a comprehensive infrastructure providing the whole town development with fresh water and electricity. In this way the affordable developments tailored for the local population become not only equitable but also offer a higher standard of living than any comparable developments in the region.

All projects are designed to the highest sustainable standards. The architectural design approach incorporates local means for effective cooling of the interior climate, reducing the need for energy consuming air-conditioning. The orientation of the buildings within the masterplan supports this by optimizing the building locations to increase effective airflow through both public and private spaces. Sustainable design solutions are combined with a landscape design based on permaculture principles, enhanced waste recycling efforts and centralized town security.

Fumba Town offers a comprehensive environment to live, work and relax right at the Indian Ocean. Creating opportunities for personal and professional growth, it is a place where families can live a healthy, safe and comfortable life and seek quality employment. The town inspires to harmoniously coexist in a melting pot of traditions and values while enhancing communication and understanding. The residents can enjoy a modern lifestyle based on local traditions within a comprehensive and sustainable community, while visitors can immerse themselves in the relaxing ambience of Fumba’s lush, picturesque landscape.

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Other than most recent developments in East Africa, Fumba Town has adopted a city-wide security approach. The contrast to the regular small scale gated communities, can be experienced directly at the entrance of the town. The diverse projects – and inhabitants – live together as one large and far more diverse community. This heterogeneous setting, combined with the different density of buildings throughout the development, enhances the experience of a modern town in contrast to any homogeneous gated community setting. As part of the town planning pedestrian and motorized traffic are seen as equal, green patches and parks are included where possible also increasing the permeable area to enhance drainage and rainwater harvesting.

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The market has embraced these concepts making Fumba Town the fastest selling real-estate project in the region. Contributed to this success have also the various different residential projects. While differing in size and scale and price they share the aim to create high-quality living environments while making use of sustainable and local resources. The use of engineered timber as the main material is exemplary for the innovative approach the project has taken to create a more sustainable future. At the same time the architectural designs of the various projects combine local traditions and modern requirements to create equitable and high-quality living conditions suitable for different generations and people with various cultural backgrounds.

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