VIZAZI houses



The Vizazi houses are created to provide high quality living conditions by making use of modular systems to optimize building costs. The orientation of the rooms has been carefully designed to make use of the stunning views into the surrounding, while maintaining the privacy of the residents. Windows are placed deep into the facade to allow for exterior balconies and to provide permanent sun shading to reduce interior heat gain. Cross ventilation is possible for all houses.

The design concept for the houses allows for flexible floor plan layouts, including four- and three-bedroom town houses as well as one- to three-bedroom duplex apartments. Although combined in one building each of the homes reads like its own entity with front and back garden and a spacious roof terrace with magnificent views onto the island, Fumba Town and towards the ocean. The room layout in each house allows for maximum flexibility to create individual living solutions.

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  • PROJECT Vizazi houses
  • LOCATION Fumba Town
  • COUNTRY Zanzibar
  • TYPOLOGY residential
  • GROSS AREA 6.820 sqm
  • NET AREA 5.500 sqm
  • UNITS 50 houses
  • CONSTRUCTION TYPE mass timber
  • STATUS under construction
  • TIMEFRAME 2020 - 2025
  • CLIENT CPS Live Ltd


The Vizazi houses are envisioned as a timber construction. The individual timber elements are prefabricated to allow for the highest quality standards and finishes. This construction method allows fast and precise construction on site. The integration of effective sun shading and optimized cross ventilation contribute to a pleasant interior climate without solemnly depending on technical solutions. This innovative approach allows for competitive pricing while providing a high quality of living. The orientation of the Vizazi houses is carefully orchestrated to optimize ocean and island views while preserving privacy within each home. The white plastered facade relates to local architecture and combines well with the wooden elements used to enhance the loggias and the roof terraces with an enjoyable haptic experience.

The Vizazi houses provide an extraordinary flexible framework to allow for multiple different housing typologies within the same building volume. Reaching from a one-bedroom apartment up to a four-bedroom townhouse, the project will create a diverse community of residents. Interior spaces are kept free from main structural elements and shafts are located at a central location. As a result, the dividing walls are flexible in their location. The standard floor plan layouts consist of modular units which can be mixed and matched to each of the resident’s individual ideas.

Vizazi timber assembly

Partners & Consultants

  • CLIENT CPS Africa
  • DESIGN Leander Moons
  • ARCHITECTURE studio OMT architects
  • FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY IGNIS & Kasburg Siemon Ing
  • LIGHTING Worktecht
  • QUANTITY SURVEYOR Webb Uronu & Partners
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN Permaculture Design Company